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Mfg.: PET Straps & Packing Straps

Application :


Building Material Strappings :

Our product Polyester Strapping can be use in various types of packages for building materials. These strappings have the ability for performing well under shock loading. These strappings are known for their higher elasticity and weather resistance abilities. Environment friendly, and it can be recycle. Our strappings are used for packing: clay building bricks, roofing tiles, plasterboards, timber, chipboard and plywood.

Cotton Bales Strappings :

Brings to India world Class Cotton Bale packing Sraps. Evergreen Straps are specially designed and manufactured for high tensile PET STRAPING. Evergreen Straps is poised to replace steel straps across the cotton, fibre and other industries with high tensile PET Straps. It is also used for FULLY AUTOMATIC BALE PACKING PLANT in the world.

Steel Industries :

3 to 5 Jumbo coils, 12 to 15 Oscillated coils and/or 20 to 44Ribbon row coils are set on one wooden pallet, and the pallet is conjoint with straps to hold the coil shaft vertically. The coils column is wrapped by water resistant Kraft paper. We can also pack the coils in a customized way.

Steel Grade : Low Carbon, Middle Carbon and Low Middle Carbon Alloy Steel Cold-Heading Steel, like C1006, C1008, C1010, C1022, SWRCH6A, SWRCH8A, SWRCH10A, SWRCH22A, SWRCH35K, ML08Al, ML15Al and etc., which mainly used for Fasteners.

Diameter : 1.90mm-32.0mm